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Dialogue about «Giraffe-mass media»


31 of March, 2011.

Very soon doors will open to the wonderful world of journalism — journalism is looking forward to III International festival of student and school media «Giraffe-mass media». More and more worries with the organizers of the festival, because it is very important that its concept and ideas qualitatively fulfilled. Inspirer and creator of the «Giraffe-mass media», Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, Ph.D., professor Ludmila Shesterkina spoke about experiences with past festivals, its objectives, participants, and much more.

text by Christina Remezova from group 111 of faculty of journalism
translated by Anna Fokina from group 111 of faculty of journalism

— Lyudmila Petrovna, please tell us about the aims of the festival «Giraffe-mass media».

— When three years ago we decided to hold a festival of student and school media at the Faculty of Journalism and Television «SUSU-TV» on a professional level, we were not even aware of publicity, which he will produce. We wanted students and schoolchildren were in their corporate environment, but also felt in the work on equal terms. It turned out that these festivals a bit, so our experience was unique.

Our main goal — to ensure that future media professionals and journalists were able to look at others and show yourself in the professional work they have chosen, namely the television or radio journalism, in print or online, or even in a universal journalism. This is very valuable. Moreover, the festival promotes the self-work student jury. The participants themselves evaluate their work and choose the best. They sometimes argue, but try to be objective, and it’s fair game!

— Is already nearing III Festival «Giraffe-mass media.» Which impressions do you have about past festivals?

— We liked both festivals. This is a special festival atmosphere where everyone works in a non-stop, when organizers laid out on the full when members and guests think and live only in journalism, working as a festival information group, released TV-diaries festival, held professional master-classes, where students meet with true masters of their trade. This special three-day festival of life which is remembered for a long time I think.

— «Giraffe-mass media» is an international festival. What are the participating countries will visit it this year?

— One of participates is Germany — right now we are waiting for their papers. Vice-president of the Beijing company on classical art and culture «Chuanshitszi» Y. Jiang is coming to us and brings his film «Autumn Marathon». Also we will work out of Baku and Kazakhstan.

— And how will be presented to the viewer foreign works? Will they be translated?

— Certainly. Work will be in English. In our department promoted the study of English — students have the opportunity to receive the diploma of an interpreter, internships abroad, also they can write in English on the website of the cathedra of «Mass Media» and the festival site «Giraffe-mass media», and we have even edited a foreign broadcasting where students are making TV in English. With regard to the demonstration film W. Jiang’s «Autumn Marathon» — we have interline transfer, which will be made public.

— Lyudmila Petrovna, what do you think about festival this year? How is it going to be?

— Everything will be great! We look forward to welcoming our guests.