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Unusual structure of jury — interesting!

1 of April, 2011.

Creative works of participants of the International festival of school student mass-media «Giraffe-mass media» here are estimated a third year by participants that should involve general attention. Whether provides such innovation impartiality and objectivity in a choice of winners? Now we will understand it.

text by Darya Drobinina & Darya Urumbaeva from group 111 of faculty of journalism
translated by Navruzbek Shadmankulov from group 111 of faculty of journalism


For an assessment of works on all nominations in all competitions «Giraffe-mass media» the own youth jury from participants of festival is created. It is formed by heads of each of six sections: competitions «Youth television meridian», «Optimistic radio», «Fluent pen», «Inet», «Universal journalist» and a special nomination for schoolchildren: «School years wonderful». The exact number of judges are not known yet — this question is on organizing committee consideration. But among them necessarily there will be students of older years of faculty of journalism South Ural University who already now are engaged in viewing of the sent works. Best of them will be included into youth jury of each competition that not only to discuss works, but also moderate discussion process.

According to organizers, «process of the analysis of works will pass under the direction of some of founders and the partners of festival directly connected with journalistic business to avoid unorganized polemic». Such approach to work of youth jury helps to discuss, on the one hand, all points of view of its members, and on the other hand, not to make discussion to senseless and unreasonable dispute. It will distribute forms with the registered criteria of a mark of materials on a five-point scale. For example, in competition «Fluent pen» of 9 criteria the maximum point of a mark of a material will be equal 45. Thus, in each competition the works-winners which have typed the greatest quantity of points according to spectators are selected.

By the way, criteria of a mark for each competition are various, and will familiarize with them is possible in conditions to concrete competition. Results of competitions will be brought by incorporated committee which structure will include representatives of special youth jury. The committee purpose — not to change opinion of youth jury, and only to specify it, to help to resolve different point of views. That the mark was objective and impartial, committee-men — known professionals in journalism. The chairman of incorporated committee — the honorable cinematographer of Russia, the producer, the president of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio Valery Ruzin. Among cochairmen the dean of faculty of journalism at South-Ural University, the manager. Chair of mass-media, the candidate of historical sciences, the professor, Lyudmila Shestyorkina, the general director of media holding «Radio-kontinental» Boris Rojzman, the editor-in-chief of the regional edition «South Ural panorama» Alexander Dragunov, the director of news agency «UralPressInform» Galina Ivanova, the editor-in-chief of a site «» Sergey Krapivin.

So, materials are estimated three times — youth jury, spectators and incorporated committee. About materials-winners it will be possible to tell — they have passed both fire, and water, and copper pipes. «For some years such system of a mark did not receive any censures. All participants remained happy, after all thanks to open discussion of works they have an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and to improve professional skills», — says one of organizers of competition, expert in education-methodical work of chair «Mass media» Ophelia Miribyan.

The main thing — center of system of an assessment works at festival «Giraffe-mass media» participants are — students and schoolchildren act. They appreciate their opinion and ideas — this is very important.