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«Orange» wishes

5 of April, 2011

A too little time is left before starting of the third International student and school media festival «Giraffe-mass media». The organizers spared no effort preparing for the festival, trying to take into account all the little things that every visitor and participant felt — they are waiting for them to be happy. In confirmation of this — our sincere and warm greetings to the participants.

text by Vladislav Chuhrov, Victoria Gonibesova & Anna Osokina from group 111 of faculty of journalism,
translated by Navruzbek Shadmankulov from group 111 of faculty of journalism


Ludmila Shesterkina, inspirer and creator of the festival «Giraffe-mass media», Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, professor and scientist:

— I wish all the participants of our International Festival got a lot of useful information for themselves, made new friends, learned the secrets of the profession, learned from the famous masters of journalism and media professionals and got the charge that moved people, a charge which moves them into the profession, in life. It generates the energy that a journalist can’t — it is the energy of creation, understanding, enabling to understand the complex issues, the energy that actually shapes our lives.


Sergei Gordienko, founder and member of the presidium of the festival «Giraffe-mass media» director TRK SUSU-TV:

— I wish you all to the same extent as the guests and the host country, to adopt the level of professionalism, which means organizers and the participants themselves. After all, who came to the festival this level, of course, want to become professional journalism. Let the «Giraffe-mass media» will be another step towards achieving this goal.


Ophelia Miribyan, responsible for organizing the festival «Giraffe-mass media», a specialist in educational and methodical work of the cathedra of «Mass media»:

— Call all the talented students and pupils to take part in the festival «Giraffe-mass media». This will be a rewarding experience for them, because apart from the competition program will be conducted master classes and non-competition screenings. This festival includes not only professional growth, but also the growth of ambitions of the participants, interesting acquaintances. I wish all the guests will enjoy the process of work, put on100%, and most importantly — do not miss this «clipboard» moods, smiles and emotions.


Olga Maruseeva, responsible for the acceptance of applications and materials for participants of the festival «Giraffe-media», a senior editor of «Special Projects» TRK SUSU-TV, teacher in cathedra «Mass media»:

— Everyone who takes part in the festival — a person who strives for self-development, self-education, self-improvement, personal and professional growth. Also, each party wants recognition of its success, wants to be appreciated, but he understands — he could be criticized. But this criticism will only help him to become a better and more professional! I think this approach to professional development gives excellent results. I wish you all constantly strive for the heights of journalism, learning something new, as well as a sincere recognition of the profession. «Giraffe-mass media» can give it to everyone!


Larissa Frolkova, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, assistant professor of cathedra «Mass media», the head of the Musical Theatre Department of Journalism:

— I want that all participants have become successful and star. But this requires a very steep learning curve. You need to look at life realistically, to take an example from the best and learn to be professional.


Pauline Korostina, scientific secretary and a senior teacher of cathedra «Mass media»:

— I wish the creative development from the standpoint of journalism, communication between participants of the festival, as well as try to win all the vertices of journalism.


Alexandra Khlyzova, editor of the website of festival «Giraffe-mass media» teacher of cathedra «Mass media»:

— Dive into the world of journalism requires many things: to forget about eating, sleeping, partying. But it’s worth it, because as a result there is a new experience, knowledge, skills, interesting acquaintances, and most importantly — changing perspective on the world around us, because you start to look at him through glasses colored journalism. And what is the color — only knows the owner of these glasses. So let each participant, guest and the audience «Giraffe-mass media» should appear yellow-orange spectacles — the color of joy, positivity and good journalism! Good luck to all!


Elena Fedorova, teacher of cathedra «Russian Language and Literature»:

— I wish the inner feeling that makes you feel active. Giraffe — a symbol of vitality. Not accidentally ego color — orange. The color of joy, turbulent emotions, vivid impressions and expectations. Also, I wish the participants a lot of creative ideas.