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Be always young and interesting!


6 of April, 2011

The rhythm of preparation for the third International student and school mass-media festival «Giraffe-mass media» climbs more and more every day. Organizers are ready to receive visitors, and founders, while partners and sponsors take an active part in determination of many organizational questions. Darya Shulgina, one of founders and member of the presidium of festival and the head of the press-service of Public youth chamber under the Legislative Assembly in Chelyabinsk region, told us about her participation in «Giraffe-mass media» and conjectural results of work.

text by Victoria Gonibesova from group 111 of faculty of journalism
translated by Anastasia Gulyaeva from group 111 of faculty of journalism

— Darya Viktorovna, did the Public youth chamber take part in organization of last festivals «Giraffes-mass media»?

— No, it’s our first participation as a part of organizing committee «Giraffe- mass media».

— Did you take part in organization immediately when you've found out about the festival?

— I want to tell more — we decided to participate in the organization of this festival when we've heard about it from Lyudmila Shesterkina, the Dean of faculty of journalism in South Ural State University and from Natalia Tuchkova, the editor-in-chief of Broadcasting Company «SUSU-TV». We have a good relations and close professional communication for many years.

— How do you think, what will be the final result of festival like?

— What can we expect from youth festival? Certainly, there are bright ideas, new views which couldn’t be at the grown-ups. Youth is our future.

— It is fact that the structure of competitive jury not only has participants «Giraffe-mass media», but organizers to. Would be members of Public youth chamber estimate works of contestants?

— Yes, certainly. We will take part part in a judicial assembly in such competitions as «Youth telemeridian», «Inet» and «the Universal journalist». The jury will have representatives from the press-service of Public youth chamber at Legislative Assembly in Chelyabinsk region. Besides, we will give awards in three nominations: «For a social orientation in the television sphere», «For courage ideas in sphere of universal journalism», «For mastering Internet space in the sphere of Internet journalism». Alexander Zhuravlyov, the vice-speaker of Legislative Assembly in Chelyabinsk region, will give awards to  winners of the festival.

— What can you wish to our participants of the festival?

— I wish to every participant  a lot of creativity, new approaches and a new views for ordinary things. For TV journalists — interesting plots, and for printing journalists — interesting articles. Be always young and interesting!