My work is the best! But how can I prove it?


8 of April, 2011

An opportunity to compete for young journalists is in the wind on the battlefield named «Giraffe-mass Media». Somebody already took part in this competition but someone do it for the first time. New experience, new acquaintances, storm of emotions are waiting for participants. So how can they give a good account of themselves and carry the best memoirs only? Some pieces of advice from former participants and organizers of festival help you.

text by Elvira Kozhina from group 111 of faculty of journalism
translated by Tatiana Korobitsyna from group 103 of faculty of journalism

The most popular opinion among former participants is to be defined what you are waiting for, what result you want. After that you can to form the further plan of action.

Participants of festival should know that each of them have the right to defend their works in front of the judges because «In dispute the true is born». But organizers remind that journalists are cultured people and they don't presume to itself sharp statements to somebody or prove something foam at the mouth. That protection of your work has passed successfully, there are some advice what will help you to conduct discussion competently and correctly:

Advice 1: The most simple and effective way to win in discussion is evasion from it. Try not to wrangle and just to exchange of opinions and the information.

Advice 2: If you feel that are wrong, is better at once admit it. The recognition of own errors or defects won't allow an occasion to reproach you but if after long debate the contender exposes you, you precisely will look silly.

Advice 3: When you begin discussion, show the benevolent attitude to the interlocutor. To begin dispute with malevolence revealing is a bad variant because to you will concern in the same way. Also it is necessary to show that the opinion of the contender for you is important, and you appreciate it.

Advice 4: In developing of discussion respect opinion of the interlocutor — don't hasty declare that he isn't right. If opinion of the contender wrongly it is not necessary to speak at once about it. It will be rather better at first to specify in advantages of his point of view, and then to consider arguments in which there are contradictions.

Advice 5: Show sympathy and empathy for thoughts and feelings of your interlocutor. Empathy is the major professional quality of the journalist, therefore it is necessary to understand, why the person argues with you. Perhaps, he has unsuccessfully protected the work and that’s why tries to spoil impression of yours.

Advice 6: Call for noble both professional judgments and promptings. Everyone, irrespective of the principles and belief, should estimate works impartially and objectively. And it is possible to remind of it to the interlocutor.

Advice 7: Show high level of professional and personal culture. Never be rude and always thank the interlocutor for a question or the expressed point of view.

Advice 8: Remember a golden rule: «Concern people how you want, that they concerned you». Any discussion should give new knowledge and feelings not unpleasant emotions and impressions. Try to make everything for standing kind and calm even your contender radiate negative. Believe — a smile, the given reason arguments and the positive relation to audience will provide not only respect, but also pleasant impressions of you!

The main thing — to trust in yourself and all will derive! But if you didn’t fulfill all your plans, take heart! Anyway, you have received valuable experience and a lot of helpful information. Next time the result will be better! Remember: «The road by walking». Good luck!