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Universal journalist

I. Objectives:

?       To help schoolchildren and students to orientate themselves in a convergent multimedia field;

?       To teach schoolchildren and students to create media texts for broadcasting them with the help of different informational channels: television, radio, the Internet, printed media;

?       To show the way the students convergent editorial office works;

?       To help schoolchildren and students to develop the professional and personal qualities required for the universal journalist.


II. Conditions

Each participant is allowed to present only the one journalistic matter on one news topic for different mass-media: television, radio, printed media, the Internet. The packet with the material for the competition should have a mark ?Universal journalist? and contain:

?       Versions of the text designed for television, radio, printed media, the Internet;

?       DVD (CD) for a television version;

?       DVD (CD) for a radio version;

?       Certificate, confirming media coverage of the material;

The organizations sending official delegations to participate in the competition should send a competition application and creative works together (with category reference). The organizing committee will not consider applications, works and convergent materials that do not correspond the required conditions.


III. Dates and location

Deadline for applications: 8 April, 2011.

Format: DVD (CD).

The packet with the materials for a competition ?Universal journalist? should be addressed to: ТРК ЮУрГУ-ТВ. 454080, г.Челябинск, пр. Ленина, 76, Южно-Уральский государственный университет, главный корпус, ауд. 1004.

Contacts: Olga Maruseeva ? special projects editor, tel/fax: (351) 267-90-82, 8-906-867-94-63

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Dates: 13-16 April 2011.


IV. Nomination

?Universal journalist?


V. Assessment criterion

High cultural level;

?       Convergent operational efficiency;

?       Skill at stating facts in the convergent media scene;

?       Understanding of the specific features of different types of media;

?       Use of digital technology;

?       Knowledge of the informational needs of different media audience;


Basic skills of students:

?       Skill at photo and video filming;

?       Creation of a literary text;

?       Knowledge and use of Internet technologies;

?       Creation of an information text for different types of media (printed media, television, the Internet, radio);

?       Text editing and transformation in convergent conditions.