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Students studying at educational institutions of primary, secondary, or higher vocational level at the Russian Federation or and near-abroad countries can participate in the Festival ?Giraffe-mass media?. The age range of the participants is 15-25 years old.

In the context of each particular competition special requirements to the participants and journalistic materials were formed:

?      ?Youth television meridian? (television);

?       ?Optimistic radio? (broadcasting);

?       ?Fluent pen? (periodicals);

?       ?Inet? (Internet journalism);

?       ?Universal journalist? (competition-experiment).

For media representatives of the school in each contest organized by the special category ?School years wonderful?. If representatives of the school media have work to other category, then their stories will be judged on a par with the student.

The organizations sending official delegations to participate in the competition should send a competition application and links (with category reference) together, addressing it to the organizing committee.

All participants of the festival should have:

?       Passport;

?       Medical insurance policy;

?       Student ticket (gradebook, skipping school);

?       Traveling certificate indicating the purpose of travel: ?participation in the International school and student mass-media festival ?Giraffe-Mass Media??.

On the team may be represented by a single trip certificate and order of the rector (the Director) about sending delegations showing the head and the application list structure.

?       Color photo 3 * 4 (for registration badges participant of the festival).