I. Objectives

?       To introduce the most interesting students and school Internet-projects and sites to the public;

?       To promote the development of a common youth educational network on the Internet;

?       To stimulate the development of publicly accessible educational electronic resources;

?       To develop informational literacy and culture of the young on the Internet.


II. Conditions

Each participant (an author, a student or school site) is allowed to present links to the only site or separate material (page) of the resource in each nomination. The material should contain the nomination, the title, the author.

The organizations sending official delegations to participate in the competition should send a competition application and links (with category reference) together. The organizing committee will not consider projects and applications that do not correspond the required conditions.


III. Dates and location

Deadline for applications: 8 April, 2011.

Format: to provide links to the Internet resource.

The materials should be addressed to: ТРК ЮУрГУ-ТВ. 454080, г.Челябинск, пр. Ленина, 76, Южно-Уральский государственный университет, главный корпус, ауд. 1004.

Contacts: Olga Maruseeva ? special projects editor, tel/fax: (351) 267-90-82, 8-906-867-94-63

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Dates: 13-16 April 2011.


IV. Nomination

?       ?Let?s join our hands!? (any genre);

?       ?A window to the Future? (Web-sites);

?       ?Online page? (public forum);

?       ?Welcome!? (university, school or any other educational institution in cyberspace);

?       ?Mobile reporter? (social report);

?       ?Internet interview?;

?       ?LiveJournal investigation? (journalistic Internet-investigation);

?       ?Let?s go beyond? (social Internet projects);

?       ?Master of features? (site design);

?       Special nomination for schoolchildren: ?School years wonderful? (any genre).


V. Assessment criterion.

?       Thematic scope;

?       Social significance;

?       Informational richness;

?       Originality of the idea;

?       Multimedia;

?       Graphic;

?       Functional system, design, web interface;

?       Quality of the technological solution;

?       Content volume;

?       Being online with the target audience (forums, blogs, chat rooms);

?       Correctness at forming sections (school, teaching staff, schedule).